Program Eligibility

Student Eligibility

The Leeds MBA Professional Mentorship Program is open to all Leeds MBA candidates with the exception of students enrolled in the real estate concentration. To participate in the MBA PMP students must:

  • Be enrolled as a MBA or Dual Degree candidate with at least three (3) semesters remaining in his or her program.
  • Commit to fulfilling your responsibilities in the program, including contacting your mentor a minimum of once per quarter, attending fall and spring events with mentors, and attending all required orientation and training workshops.
  • Are in good academic standing and agree to represent Leeds in a professional manner throughout your participation.
  • Are enthusiastic about the program and the opportunity to develop your networking and communications skills.

Student Applications were accepted through December 15, 2017. Please check back for more information about the next matching cycle.

Mentor Eligibility

Any business professional who meets the following criteria can apply to be a mentor for a Leeds MBA candidate. Mentors do not have to live in Colorado or be a Leeds or CU alumnus in order to participate!

  • Have at least seven (7) years of business experience beyond your undergraduate degree or three (3) years of business experience beyond your graduate degree. Mentors are not required to hold an MBA themselves.
  • Be willing to mentor one or two students per 18-month cycle.
  • Meet with your student(s) for at least an hour once per quarter, in person or by video conference/phone, over the next 18 months (minimum guideline). More frequent informal communication is encouraged as personal schedules allow.
  • Commit to being accessible and engaged for the duration of the mentoring relationship.
  • Be willing to share your personal and professional experience, insights, and network with your student.
  • Attend kick-off and end-of-year celebration events that gather students and mentors together (for mentors in the Denver/Boulder area).
  • Be a good listener, have a sense of humor, and enjoy your mentoring experience.

Contact Us:

Phone: 303.492.5881