Expectations and Qualifications


How can the YAM Program enrich my Leeds Experience?

  • Increase involvement within Leeds and in the business world.
  • Connect with young professionals who can offer advice on successfully navigating life at Leeds.
  • Increase industry knowledge and gain an insider's perspective.
  • Introduce students to career building resources.

Mentee Expectations & Qualifications

  • Be a sophomore in good academic standing.
  • Have a desire to learn and grow intellectually and professionally.
  • Sign program commitment letter and attend all required events and workshops.
  • Be aware of milestones and plan your schedule accordingly.


How can the YAM Program enrich my post Leeds Experience?

  • Provides an opportunity to reconnect with the Leeds School.
  • Facilitates alumni feedback and involvement.
  • Opportunity to give back and enrich a student's personal and career development.
  • Professional outreach and recruiting opportunities

Mentor Expectations & Qualifications

  • Be a graduate of the Leeds School of Business less than 5 years out.
  • Have a passion and desire to mentor students.
  • Have at least 1-5 years in a business field.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, and time management skills are essential.
  • An initial training and 5-8 hours of volunteer time required.

Contact Us:

Phone: 303.492.5881
Email: LeedsMentoring@Colorado.edu