Mentoring Do's and Dont's

Being a Mentee Is: 
  •  talking about your goals and how you can achieve them
  •  learnings some skills that will help you in college
  •  focusing on the future
  •  being open and trusting of the mentoring relationships.  Giving back as much as you get.

  •  Commit to new things, take risks, and give college your all.
  •  Listen to your mentor and seek to understand the advice that your mentor gives you.
  •  Ask your mentor how they learned all the information they are sharing with you
  •  Be prompt at returning calls or answering emails from your mentor.
  •  Keep all discussions confidential.
  •  If you feel that the partnership is not working, for whatever reason, ask to have another mentor appointed.
Being a Mentee Is Not:
Do not…
  •  Depend on your mentor to identify your goals for you.
  •  Assume your mentor has unlimited time for you.
  •  Assume that your mentor will be a free tutor in your business classes
  •  Be disrespectful of your mentor by not returning phone calls, emails, etc.
  •  Talk negatively about your mentor