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About Us: Mentoring at the Leeds Business School is a pillar of the student and alumni experience. The mentoring programs at Leeds support student success by incorporating mentoring to provide students with hands-on learning, professional skills development, leadership opportunities, and connections with CU alumni and corporate partners. The Leeds Mentoring Office continues to grow and now houses four specific mentoring programs and two other collaborative initiatives that enrich the Leeds community. These mentoring relationships will foster the ongoing development of new skills and connections, and contribute to personalizing and customizing the Leeds experience.

Our Programs: The Leeds Mentoring Office was formed in 2012 to support the integration and growth of mentored learning opportunities at the Leeds School.  The Mentoring Office currently manages four broad-based mentoring programs:  the Peer2Peer (P2P) mentoring program for Leeds first-year students, the pilot Young Alumni Mentors (YAMs) program for sophomores, and the undergraduate Professional Mentorship Program (PMP) for Leeds juniors and seniors, as well as the MBA Professional Mentorship Program for full-time MBA candidates.  These programs provide support, connections, skills, and experiences that enrich Leeds’ academic programs. Total current undergraduate student enrollment in these programs is close to 1500, approximately one-half of all Leeds students. To discover which program might best fit you please Click Here.                                                                                   

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